KRAAL smooth sheet tiles can be considered a lightweight, small-format tiled roof covering. Their key features are low weight, simple installation, colour fastness and longevity. The timeless design satisfies demands for an architecture meeting high aesthetic standards.

This covering is used mainly on sloping roofs from a pitch of 25°, though it can also be used to build more complicated roof shapes. The tiles can also be used for facade cladding. KRAAL roof coverings are an integrated system with a wide range of trim and accessories to complement the basic tiles.


Low weight is a key benefit of KRAAL roof coverings. The weight characteristics of each material are:

Aluminium sheet 3,6 - 4,2 kg/m2
Copper sheet 11,7 - 13,7 kg/m2
Galvanised steel sheet 10,6 - 12,3 kg/m2
Titanium zinc sheet 10,2 - 11,9 kg/m2

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