KRAAL regal sheet tiles are another lightweight, small-format tiled roof covering. Their advantages are low weight, simple installation, colour fastness and longevity. They take their shape from a historical pattern used in central Slovakia, which makes them a natural choice for the renovation of valuable, historic buildings, though they also excel as a strong, expressive element in new buildings.

To use regal sheet tiles, the roof must have a pitch of at least 25°. The format and the material also support the construction of more complicated roof shapes. KRAAL roof coverings are an integrated system with a wide range of trim and accessories to complement the basic tiles.


Low weight is a key benefit of KRAAL roof coverings. The weight characteristics of each material are:

Aluminium sheet 3,6 - 4,2 kg/m2
Copper sheet 11,7 - 13,7 kg/m2
Titanium zinc sheet RHEINZINK 10,2 - 11,9 kg/m2


It takes 6.7 regal sheet tiles to cover 1 m2 of roof.

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